Who is Crisp?

Crisp Professional Development has been delivering personal and professional development to PLCs, multi-nationals, the full range of SMEs and individuals from their base in Exeter and across the UK for over 30 years. With a focus on the transformational effect of learning, they hope to give teams and individuals opportunities for progression, improve performance and increased self-awareness and wellbeing. They achieve this through in-company and open training courses, leadership and management development programmes and coaching.

What was the brief?

In 2019, Crisp began to provide training via e-learning. Later, in response to the pandemic, they began to deliver training via Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

As a result of this, they realised they would need a more versatile website that could, amongst other things; sell on-demand, face-to-face and online courses; play host to their on-demand courses; support their ‘pay by credits’ voucher system; integrate with Xero; support automated, tailored joining instructions and more.

The new website also needed to look good, reinforce their brand and provide the flexibility for them to add and edit the content themselves.

How did they find Toco Digital?

The process of engaging us to build their new website was simple – we talked to them, listened to their needs and concerns, studied their brief and come back with a well-thought out proposal that was enough for them to give them the green light.

How did the process go?

The design element of the website was fairly straightforward. Crisp had an idea of how they wanted the website to look and they easily brought it to life.

The functional aspects of the website were more challenging to build and required time in testing and refining until they satisfied their needs.


In their words...

With a number of developers and designers in her team, Kristen has a raft of expertise to draw upon to strengthen the Toco Digital offer. The result has been a website that meets the complex requirements of the brief, and an ongoing relationship that allows the website to evolve and improve over time.

If there was a single thing to recommend working with Toco Digital, it’s their responsiveness. It has consistently been excellent and beyond what we’ve experienced in many years of working with other design and development agencies.

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